Communication & Communication Technology (Crown Size)

Communication & Communication Technology (Crown Size)

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Communication and Communication technology is a unique presentation in Communication studies which suffices the purpose of the students of Communication in Library and Information Sciences, Communication technology, technical and professional Communication, English language and different newer branches of EAP(English for Academic Purposes), ESP(English for specific purposes). The work divided in 11 broad chapters categorically discusses various facts like communication, communication media, elements and process of communication, different theories and models of communication, role of promoting agencies in information communication, language sensitivity and using politically correct language, communication technology-telecommunication methods and networking, internet, library and information networks in India. It also keeps a list of difficult concepts and terms in the appendix.

In the contemporary times when the appalling forces of deconstruction, post modernism and globalization have posited a new challenge before the traditional patterns and practices of disciplines and making Connotations out of context, communication and area studies are becoming popular and seminal. Communication, if we look at its cannotational development, now, no longer confines itself to the compound and equation of sending and receiving message in a given context, it has to play all these roles that cohere to the spirit of a welfare science which speaks and inspires, learns of motivates, and also gets motivated. It is well titillated to different layers of meaning, and the first, second and the third speeches.

In the light of the above the present book is all set to become a reference book for the academician at higher level, and a fine text book for the students of technical and management degree programmes who study professional and technical communication, to the students of library Science and other disciplines in graduate, undergraduate and research scholars in different universities of India and abroad.


1. Communication, 2. Communication Media, 3. Elememts & Process of Communication, 4. Models & Theories of Communication, 5. Role of Promoting Agencies of Information Communication, 6. Language Sensitivity in Communication, 7. Communication Technology-Telecommunication, 8. Network & Networking, 9. Internet, 10. Library & Information Networks in India, 11. Common Terms & Acronyms.

Author L K Mishra
Binding Hardbound
Edition First Edition, 2015
Language English
Pages 192 Pages
ISBN 978-93-80668-24-6
Publisher Y K Publishers
Price 1495/-

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