General English Synonyms-Antonyms, Quotation, Proverbs

General English Synonyms-Antonyms, Quotation, Proverbs

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English is widely recognized as the vital language of communication to develop one's career in any field, whether it be a private or public sector. The word power makes the communication effective, so the management of language needs a rich vocabulary and the profound source of words is a treasury of Synonyms and Antonyms. A Synonym is a word that has a meaning similar to that of another word, whereas the Antonyms is a word that has a meaning opposite to that of another word..

The Other important thing required in an effective communication is the expression. What you express at every moment reflect your true personality. Your expression of thought needs the excellent ideas to elaborate and illustrate your particular point and to pose your perfect personality. Quotation are the real charger of expressions and representations.

Keeping in view the above points, this book is specially designed to stimulate the students to develop their expressions (of thoughts) and enrich their vocabulary so that they are able to add sparkle to their writings and speeches, and even everyday talk.

 This book consists of:

more than 300 synonyms & antonyms each..................

more than thousand quotation of around 200 different topics.............

more than 900 proverbs.................

Author Radharaman Agarwal
Binding Paperback
Edition Reprint, 2016
Language English
Pages 342 Pages
ISBN 978-93-80668-19-2
Publisher Y K Publishers
Price 175/-

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