Success Plus

Success Plus

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Author: Radharaman Agarwal, Anurag Kumar Agarwal

Edition: First, 2014

Binding: Paperback

This book is written to serve as a manual, describing the tools one will need to achieve True Success, step by step. This book guides you how to estabilish new goals, make action-plan and how to accomplish goals so that you can attain your objective.It Contains the inspiring examples, quotations of great thinkers, power tips, and diagrams. 

Following points have been taken in this books

1. Aim of Life (Foundation of Success).

2. Dynamic Personality - the essence of Success.

3. Positive Life - the way to live success,

4. Two vital things in Goal-setting - (A) Your Interest (B) Your Positive thinking.

5. Think Positively.

6. Spirituality is an integral part of life.

7. What is Success?

8. Character is essential for stable success - inspiring examples of some virtuous people

9. Some basic needs of Success - (A) Developing a strong will-power (B) Determination (C) Honour your faith or belief (D) Be Enthusiastic (E) Enhance your Self-confidence (F) Be a Self-respecting man.

10. Secrets to Achieve Excellence - (A) Guts bring 'Fortune' (B) Discipline in Life (C) I Love Struggle (D) Increase your strength & overcome (E) Be humble (F) Be Benevolent (G) Develop a sense of Gratitude (H) Be Punctual (I) Act with Prudence (J) Learn to please (K) Be proficient in public speaking.

11. Two more ways to live success - (A) Leading a team effectively (B) Increase your personal productivity.

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