About US

“ “Books are the quietest & most constant of friends; they are the most accessible & wisest of counselors & the most patient of teachers”
Books are not only a business for us but a way of life, destination of enterprise & the origin of our inspiration.

We are in the field of publication since 1975, we are one of the main publishers of quality academic & books meant for colleges, institutions of higher education & universities.

Under the leadership of Mr. Yogendra Kumar Jain S/o Late Shri Satendra Prasad Jain started the publication under the guidance of legendry authors Shri S H Vatsyayan “Ajneya”, Shri Vidhya Niwas Mishra and others.

During the days when the publishers are fond to publish books in humanities, science etc., Library & Information science is the subject is not considered as a best selling subject then Dr. S M Tripathi (well known author in the field of Library & Information Science) shows the way and under his guidance Mr. Jain Started the publication devotedly for Library & Information Science.

Now we are proudly says that the books published under his supremacy are now considered as best books for students & professionals.

From that day still we are producing authentic books in this subject & continue to do so in future.

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